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Every year 55,000 people (200,000 including dependents) are awarded Green Card via the DV lottery Program.
The US citizenship or residency card is awarded to 55,000 people every year. Other routes of immigrating to USA have very strict requirements as ownership of these cards provide many benefits to the holders such as job, residency, education etc.. just like any other US citizens. Hence every year the US immigration issues a number of these cards via the DV lottery Program to nationals of those countries with low number of immigrants in USA. In fact, national of these countries have a good chance of winning in the lottery and receiving their Green cards.

Yes, you can also make your dream come true. If you wish to start a completely new life in the USA the Green card enables you to achieve all this without any limitations to live, work or study in the USA All you need is a little chance in the DV-2016 lottery Program.

Having a Green Card means:
 » Starting a completely new life in USA
 » Studying in one of the famous universities or professional institutions in USA
 » Experiencing new prospects of being your own boss and enjoying your retirement in USA

Now that luck is knocking at your door do NOT hesitate.
Your happiness and future is a short distance between you and your registration for the lottery Program.