Greencard Pro is a non governmental entity providing a value added paid service for the registration to the DV Lottery program. Applying for the Green Card Lottery through the     
official government site is free but does not include review of your application, any support. You may apply by yourself and Free of charge at the website 

Why do you need to apply through us?

Our services to ensure error-free presentation of your documents:
  • Proper processing of each individual application
  • Dealing with the official processing from delivery of your application to obtaining your Green card On time and on line delivery of your application to US immigration
  • Confirmation of submission of your documents for your peace of mind
  • Enabling continuous contact with you to inform you of your registration progress
  • Enabling you with online access to check progress of your application and updating your details
  • Informing you via e-mail, telephone and registered post of the success of your application. We guarantee this even if you have moved to a new address (provided you have informed us with your new details)
  • All documents will be despatched to you or to your nominee
  • We will automatically inform you will all future developments
  • As a lottery winner we will help you with translation and explanation of all your documents
  • We will help and guide you all the way to obtaining your Green card
  • Our professional international team in USA and Australia will examine your application form for its accuracy
  • We will assess your application personally and on individual basis
  • We will treat your information strictly confidential. We will only pass this information to the US immigration authorities and under no circumstances your information will be revealed to a third party
  • We will do all the work from submissions of your application until receiving your Green Card
  • We guarantee to submit your application on time and electronically at no extra cost to you
  • We will send you proof of delivery of your documents so you can be sure that you have been entered to DV Program.
  • We will stay in regular contact with you and will inform you of all developments with your application
  • You will be able to check progress on your application and update it online, if required
  • If your application was successful we will contact you immediately and we guarantee to deliver your documents to you even if you have moved provided you have update your address on line
  • We will automatically and regularly update you with progress on your application
  • We will do the translation of all successful candidates
  • We will be with you at all times throughout progress of your application
  • We will answer all your queries at all times including Saturdays and Bank holidays

The most important factors in refusal of applications are as follows:
  • Mismatch of sent photos against some 18 requirements for correct photos
  • Internet connection failure prior to confirmation your registration and subsequent re-registration which will cause your application to be refused due to double registration etc..
  • The followings are sensitive issues for Interview after sending your documents
  • Late arrival of your application to Embassy and US immigration office
  • Submitted documents not complete
  • Late arrival or non-arrival of your invitation for interview
  • Etc….

In the past, approx. 28.42% of applications were refused because of lack of correct information. This means out of 3 applicants approx. 1 applicant looses the chance of being considered for DV Program because of some minor errors in the application. If you register and use our services we will make sure this will not happen to you.

Even if you win the lottery there are still a number of obstacles: 100,000 applicants win the lottery but only 55,000 are successful with the Green Card. Many lottery winners are refused Green card due to lack of preparation. The Greencard Pro helps all lottery winners to obtain their Green card at no extra cost.

Therefore do not hesitate and let your dreams come true by registering with us.